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Proposed EU data protection reform could start a “trade war,” US official says


Cyrus Farivar from Ars Technica reports on the arm struggling between USA and the EU on European Commission reforms on data protection. Full article can be found here.


“It Is Our Data”

This site has been set up to give public awareness of certain policies established by Microsoft around the use of its online stores and services.

These policies do not allow consumers to change their country of residence in their service accounts. This causes a great amount of distress for consumers who relocate to another country or region following the creation of their service account. In addition, for citizens of the European Union, it raises the question of whether Microsoft is in contravention of European Law by the exercise of these policies.

As a result, we are petitioning Microsoft to change its policies, to satisfy both consumers, and EU regulations.

Important Update, 16th October 2012

It appears as though Microsoft is now allowing migration of Xbox Live accounts, under certain circumstances. In a recent thread in an Xbox forum, the following was stated:


You have chosen to migrate your Xbox LIVE account to a new country. You should be aware that certain Xbox LIVE content, features and functions may vary depending on your location, due to licensing limitations provided by specific providers. In order to proceed, you must confirm that you have been informed of and fully understand the consequences of the migration of your Xbox Live account:

Microsoft reminds you that the migration of your Xbox Live account will have the following consequences:

Some of the services and content that you are currently benefiting from in the country originally registered may not also be available in the country you are willing to migrate to.

All of your current subscriptions, except for Xbox Live Gold if you had any, will be cancelled.
You may lose the ability to re-download some, if not all, of the content in your download history.

Any content that you will subsequently download after the account is migrated will be subject to any applicable geofencing rules of your new location.

Note on Geofencing: If you bought something in the country you originally registered in that wasn’t geofenced, it could be that it will be if bought again, in your new location. These geofencing constraints depend on the license to distribute that Microsoft was granted by the content providers.

Please note that the migration process can take up to 6 weeks. During this time your account will not be available. No refunds will be given for any content that is lost during the migration.

You can only switch regions to an already supported LIVE region. You can view this list here.

It is not yet clear whether this migration of Xbox Live accounts will also be available for other Microsoft service accounts, such as Windows Phone, or Zune.

Our about page will give you more background on this issue, its causes, and consequences.